Hi i’m Alan,

Thank you so much for stopping by. Liberta isn’t the name of a female as most might think is what our name represents. ‘Liberta’ in Italian means freedom and it is what we hope to create for you with our candles and crystals. To help free your mind and heart from the daily grind, and bring you back into the now.

Liberta Candles was created in 2019 during a meditation session where I asked my guides what I should do in this next chapter of my life, and the idea came to me and I loved it. 

I have always been addicted to candles and have always loved crystal and spiritual healing, so combining them was a great idea. I want Liberta to be a place where you can start your spiritual journey with,  

A Stepping stone on your new spiritual journey, before you head off and find all these other amazing businesses out there that will take your journey further. My goal is to show as many people out there that we only get one chance to live this amazing life. So let’s get rid of the negative, let’s get rid of the anger and worry. Let’s take a deep breathe in and then open our eyes and mind to the beauty this universe has to offer. The amazing people we can meet, the amazing places this earth has and why not do this together.  If I can at least help one person to be spiritually awaken and live life to the max I’d be forever grateful.

I’m still learning, I’m no guru here but as I learn and experience things I want to share that with others. I have worked hard to be able to take this journey and I’m so grateful that you have chosen to journey with me.